President’s message

Teikoku-Shoin was founded by Susabio Moriya in 1917. Susabio hoped to contribute to the development of education, authoring 198 textbooks during his life, and for more than 100 years since our foundation, we have been carrying on his will to publish atlases and  textbooks for primary school and secondary school students, in addition to atlases and books for general readers. In recent years, we have also started offering digital textbooks and materials on a wide scale.

The times are now seeing a rapid change toward the advancement of AI, development of digitalization, an advancing decline in the   birthrate and an aging population, globalization, and a decarbonized society. However, no matter how much the times have changed, and despite changes which result in new types of learning content, as well as the shift from paper textbooks to digital, the essence   of “education” itself, which we regard as the most important, should not be changed.

Therefore, we hope that students will broaden and deepen their knowledge of Japan and the world, in addition to history, politics,  economics, society, and culture, with our atlases and textbooks. We also hope that they will acquire new ways of learning how to learn and understand the importance of thinking throughout their lives, think seriously about how to live their lives, take responsibility, act autonomously, and incorporate these lessons into their lives so that they can contribute toward a more harmonious society, Japan, and world.

We hope the next generation will build a richer and brighter future, and by publishing our atlases and textbooks, we intend to do our part in helping to create a better society.

Kiyoshi Sato